Linda's Vault

Have you ever looked at beautiful jewelry in a store window and thought to yourself "I sure wish I could afford that beautiful necklace". Well that happened to me, and in today's economy there was no way I could afford that kind of luxury.
The Vault was accidentally started as I was opening a Fundraising Pet Supply Center for the Olive Branch Animal Rescue & Refuge, Inc.
a no kill animal rescue
We needed to find a way to raise money to help animals. As the Fundraising Pet Supply Center opened I had ordered a few items of gold layered rhodium finished animal charm bracelets and they sold like hot cakes. Most of the people loved the idea that they could buy gold layered & rhodium finished bracelets also lead free at a very affordable price.
Thus the Vault opened right along with the Fundraising Pet Supply Center.

The good news is that 10% of all purchases made from the Vault go to the Olive Branch Animal Rescue & Refuge, Inc. Which means you can help animals and buy elegant jewelry at an affordable price.

All of the jewelry is 24K Gold layered or Rhodium layered finished including items cubic zirconia and semiprecious gemstones. I do not carry sold Gold, Silver, or diamonds.

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I would like to thank all my customers for their support that have made The Vault the success it is today.
And also Thanks for helping me help animals in need.

We are also associated with Olive Branch Animal Rescue & Refuge, Inc. Click Here

P.O. Box 183 Sistersville, WV 26175 (304) 652-1010